H-2700 CEGLÉD SZOLNOKI ÚT 15/A • TEL.: +36 (06) 53 318 645 • MOBIL: +36 70 39 44 879


You may count on a cordial reception and an unforgettable experience will remain if you visit our restaurant. In summertime our guests can enjoy their meals in open air on a cosy, covered terrace. Make your own choice from our menu card, showing an extensive variety of dishes.

Our kitchen was totally renovated and it now complies to the HACCP-standard, which is obligatory in all Hungarian hotels and restaurants.

For our guests we have a large parking place available, both in front of the building and at the side. Moreover there is a possibility to park for the night on the inner court which can be locked.


MENU and DRINKSRestaurant opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 1200 - 2200
On Friday and Saturday: 1200 - 2300
Sunday: 1200 - 2200




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